Sandwich Recipes

When you are hungry and have no time; and a get a sandwich to eat, it feels like heaven has listened to your prayer. Sandwich is so easy to prepare! Pick the veggies or herbs you like; or pick the cooked meat and package it between two pieces of breads. Propagate cheese or butter on the pieces of breads and add your preferred marinade for that tangy taste. Or get jam and butter sandwiches and treat your sweet tooth! Want to know about sandwich recipes? Keep on reading then.

Let’s start with the beloved hunger fighter CLUB SANDWICH. It is a healthy option for breakfast, very easy to make. It is basically stuffed with filling of gram flour, cheese, tomato, butter and cucumber between two breads.

Now it’s turn of Filipino Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe. This Filipino sandwich is loved worldwide. It is the easiest sandwich that you can make. You can give this recipe in lunch to school to your kids. Do not worry about the ingredients, they are easily available. What you need to make a Filipino Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe are eggs, mayonnaise, onion, salt, pepper and burger buns or bread. You can enjoy this sandwich with sweet pickle relish.

Tuna Fish Salad Sandwich Recipe is America’s favorite sandwich recipe. You can use fresh or canned tuna fish for this recipe. The ingredients used to make this recipe are tuna fish, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, onion, celery stalk, capers, lime juice, parsley, and Dijon mustard and bread of course.

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