Tips To Cook Healthy Chinese Food

When I start cooking, I loved to prepare Chinese recipes. But I was not aware about that was that food really healthy or not? I started to take cooking classes but I don’t what ingredients I must add in the dish so that it will be healthy. Then I started searching on the web for numerous Chinese recipes so that I will be able to add the required ingredients in proper extent.
When I searched on the web, I get numerous Chinese Recipes through several food websites where the top chefs post their recipes of different food of several origins. One of those websites is Meri Rasoi, where I always get updates for the Chinese food and prepare dishes with required amount of ingredients suggested by the chefs.

I also get tips for cooking healthy food from there. Some tips that all should follow to prepare healthy Chinese food are:

1. Check the labels for the amount of the sodium in different ingredients and sauces to use in low amount.
2.  Use low fat high quality protein.
3.  Use a few extra vegetables and add great sources of vitamins, antioxidants such as peppers, scallions, celery etc.
4.  Replace fat with flavorings and spicy to burn fat and to boost metabolism.
5.  Cook lower fat food in stir-frying. High heat yields the best tasting food and cut oil in half.
6.  Avoid deep fat frying with oil to cook healthy.
7.  Use steaming and boiling to cook food with little fat.

All the above tips I learnt from Meri Rasoi and now I can say that I eat healthy Chinese dished prepared at my own.