Baked Chicken Recipes

Looking for a great tasting recipe for baked chicken? Here are This delicious chicken has loads of lemon and garlic flavor. Feel free to use. Visit now for more Recipe.

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Soups are the main part of the diet it works as appetizers plus it is they are very low at calories. Soup is made by boiling vegetables or meat in water or stock. By boiling the ingredients become soft and tender plus the flavor comes out.  It is a perfect way to acquire lots of nutritional value without the calories. The body absorbs nutrients very easily without any digestion.

A big benefit of soup is that it can be created be made easily and in less time. Soup is also a good way to use leftovers in your fridge. You can use any veggie or meat to make a healthy bowl of soup.  Another benefit of soup is that it does not need much time. Once it is made you can have it any time or as many time.

Here are some healthy soups recipes for the season:


This bowl of soup is almost loved by all. This is a quick and very easy soup recipe to make that too in less time. Boil the tomato, make its puree and cook with herbs and your soup is ready. You can have thistomato soup with cream, butter or bread crumbs or macaroni. If you like eggs you can add that too in it. The hot tempting red bowl is ready to serve then.

BEET ROOT SOUP RECIPE: beetroot contains calcium, nitrate, chlorine, potassium, vitamin C and folic acid. It has been well known good thing for the blood as it stimulates production of hemoglobin. This soup is a good aid for constipation, anemia, skin problems and heart problems. This soup is just the cooking of chopped beetroot, onion, potato, garlic and vegetable stock with little spices. This is truly and purely a treasure of nutrients.


This is a Chinese starter basically but it is full of healthy veggies and chicken. It is a mixture of chicken pieces, chicken stock, capsicum, French beans, cabbage, carrots, ginger, garlic, coriander etc. this colorful bowl of healthy ingredients. This is loved by all whether a kid or an old aged.


Most of us do not like eating spinach but it is the powerhouse of nutrients. This bowl of spinach soup has high enough of vitamin A & K, iron, calcium and protein for your daily requirement. This is very good thing for the high blood pressure patients.  While making this soup you just need to put spinach and cucumber to boiling pot of water, blend it and you soup is ready. You can top it with butter or cream. If needed can add lemon juice to it.

VEG SWEET CORN SOUP: it is sweet soup made by corn. Basically it is a north Indian recipe made by corns, soya sauce and chilli sauce. It is full of little sweet corn’s nutrition with low cholesterol plus a remedy to keep your stomach happy working conditions.

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