Chocolate is the best thing on earth which can bring smile to anyone’s face. It’s the only thing liked by all. Everyone loves chocolate whether it’s plain chocolate or a chocolate recipe. When you look at the picture of Chocolate recipe, you just keep looking at it and drooling. People call chocolate as “powerhouse of nutrients”. Why? Well… it is made from cacao fruit and cacao is full of anti-oxidants which help to cure many heart, cancer and blood pressure problems. It is an instant boost of energy. Cacao is the fruit which was used by our ancestors to cure the health problems and it was also a great drink during their celebrations.

In this post we will give you the different interesting ways to use chocolate in your recipes.

CAKES: we all know chocolates are the one of the best thing to use in the cake. It can be gel up with different nuts, fruits or candies also. The best examples of chocolate cakes are Chocolate hazelnut cake, black out cake, black forest cake and red velvet cake. You can make icing of chocolate, various designs like flowers on the cake. Chocolate dust or chocolate wafers can also be used.

COOKIES: Choco chips are used in making cookies you can simply bake it at home like other cookies with addition to chocolate. You can use chocolate chip in oat meal cookies or make dark chocolate cookies. Everyone love eating cookies so make best use of it.

TRUFFLES: truffles are made with chocolate only whether white chocolate or dark is chocolate. These are cute balls of chocolate. You can use nuts in the chocolate truffle or use caramel also.

ICE CREAM: Ice cream like chocolate gelato is made by whisking chocolate in milk. You can add more in it by adding nuts, fruits or fruit chunks. This chocolate ice cream can be further used with smoothies or shakes.

SHAKES AND SMOOTHIES: You can simply make shakes and smoothies with chocolate with your favorite fruit for example Banana chocolate delight smoothie, valentine choco shake and it can also be used in cold coffee.

You can also use chocolate in your daily meals like Sweet cocoa rice porridge or champorado  or simply make hot chocolate with milk.

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