Make Your Self Healthy By Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is something that we all know is important to our well-being yet, instead of preparing healthy meals, we stop at the drive-through or we eat packaged foods or fried foods that are high in saturated fat and carbohydrates.

Healthy eating does not mean staying thin or divest yourself to tasteless food. It is all about feeling more enthusiastic and energetic. There are so many nutritious things available in the market. Need is to use it in a regular way to stay healthy. Telling you ahead to make life healthy by maintaining taste.

Change at once is not possible. Make small steps as, add a salad to your diet or change refined oil to olive cooking oil. Have sprouted Chick peas with Jagger before breakfast. Dip some almonds in water at night and remove skin in the morning. Have it before breakfast. Slowly, these changes will become your habit and make your self more healthier. Water removes toxins from the body. Regular intake of 10-12 glasses per day keeps you away from dehydration and also helps you to make healthier food choices. Because you will only choose when your stomach allows you to choose. We all need to maintain a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, vitamin to sustain a healthy body.

Always eat heavy breakfast. It keeps the energy level up throughout the day and metablosim on.

Avoid heavy meal at night. Try to keep your dinner 2 hour early before going to bed. Snacks are rich in fat and calories. It’s better to avoid at night.

Make balance of calories. If you had taken 100 calories at lunch, then deduct it from dinner. If again feeling hungry then have some fruits and vegetables. If you are dining out, choose starter. Split a dish with a friend. Do not order anything surprisingly. Stop eating before you feel full. It takes few minutes for a brain to tell the body that you had enough food for this time. So eat slowly.

Different color of fruits provide different benefits. So eat a variety. Fruits like Pomegranate, Apple, Pine apple etc are rich in vitamins, minerals and iron. Sweet vegetables like carrot, beetroots, sweet potato are also rich in same and you can take it in salad.

Our main motive is to feel healthy and energetic. So eat healthy and stay happy!